2002 - 2012

Sean Mark Bennight

Bucky Z. Kramer

Craig William Demaree
I am currently doing financial planning in Indianapolis with Woodbury Financial a subsidiary of the The Hartford.  Wabash and Beta prepared me for the hard work that lay ahead of me.  After graduation I was pleased to see that I have met and befriended many Tau Betas that I did not know while at Wabash.  This made me realize what a fantastic life long committment I made my freshman year. (updated 2003)

David Wayne Gullion

Nicholas J. Guzik

Christopher A. Fabina

Keith Andrew Rios

Luke Matthew Stepleton

Jacob Andrew Arnold

Travis Paul Daugherty

Scott Robert Shinkan

Tyler S. Gibb

Joel Hunt

William Robinson McCourt

Adam Wesley Collins

Andrew Philip Smithka

Steve Ryan Fawcett

Jason Patrick Hopper

Clayton J. Jones

Casey F. Gioielli

Gregory Peter Woods

Jay H. Teeters

Jacob McDonald Knott

Joshua Ryan Castor

Derick Busenbark

Garrett M. Alson

Andrew John Melshen

Brent Allen Bridwell

Adam John Kierzek

Joshua Poelstra

Ryan A. Haskin

David M. Hoover

Sean Patrick Webeck

Ryan Albert Hemmerich

John K. Bramfeld

David Miller

David M. Weglarz

Christopher M. Curts

Cameron Gregory Starnes

Jacob Lewis Brown

Kevin Patrick Nolan

Tynan Trusgnich

Stephen D. White.

Daniel Landis McClamroch

Caleb Andrew Selby

Michael D. Morin

Stuart Michael Johnson

Bubba Joe Stultz

Jesse D. Becerra, Jr.

Joshua William Bronaugh

Bryan David Snyder

James Eric Engledow

Phu Ngoc Hong

William Robert David Goff
Chapter President, 2004

Samuel David Brotman

Kevin Ryan Casey

Marc Joseph Motuliak

Matthew D. Boston

Michael Milloy Ruffing

Daniel Ross Creasap

Joshua Thomas Mills

Nicholas R. Williams

Dustin David Deno

Nicholas A. George

Brandon Nathaniel Clifton

Matthew Neal Hagan

Michael Jordan Hetrick

Eric S. Jungbauer.

Ryan James Monroe

Aaron Kyle Selby

Elliot David Vice

John David Dittmer

Robert Drew Kochert

Bart D. Jackson

Matthew Lucas Johnson

Craig Allen Kierzek

Daniel Allen Fox
2007, History.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman, Vice President, Rush Chairman.

Adrian Rogers Starnes
2007, Religion.  Magna Cum Laude.  John N. Mills Prize in Religion.  Captain, Wabash College Tennis.  Four-year Letterman.  Psi Chi.  Tau Chapter Scholarship Chairman, Rush Chairman, Recording Secretary.

Ross Barrett Dillard
2007, Economics, Mathematics. Phi Beta Kappa.  Magna Cum Laude.  Phi Beta Kappa Prize.  Editor-in-Chief, The Wabash.  Robert S. Harvey Outstanding Editor Award. Stephen Schmutte Prize in Economics.  Secretary-Treasurer, Sphinx Club.  Treasurer, Student Senate.  Treasurer, Inter-Fraternity Council.  Senior Manager, Wabash College Basketball.  Senior Council.  Tau Chapter Vice President, Student Senate Representative, Scholarship Chairman. Editor, Tau's Bark.  Class Agent.

Benjamin Alan Tritle
2007, Biology.  Magna Cum Laude.  Captain, Wabash College Track and Field.  Three-year Letterman.  Vice President, Sphinx Club.  Senior Council.  Student Senate.  Alpha Phi Omega.  Tau Chapter Philanthropy Chairman, Pledge Educator.  IU Medical School.

Benjamin Allan Froedge
2007, Psychology.  Magna Cum Laude.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman, House Manager.

Ryan William Pritchard
2007, Rhetoric.  Wabash College Wrestling.  Four-year Letterman.  Tau Chapter Philanthropy Chairman.

Seth Matthew Nunan
2007, Religion.

Andrew Aldrich Weintraut
2007, Rhetoric.  Tau Chapter Ritual Chairman.

Timothy David Schirack
2007, Rhetoric.  Baldwin Prize in Oratory.  Wabash College Football.  Three-year Letterman.  Tau Chapter Treasurer.

H Jacob Turner
2007, Rhetoric.  Cum Laude.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman.

Joshua Devin Owens
2007, Economics.  Cum Laude.  President, Inter-Fraternity Council.  Chapel Coordinator, Sphinx Club.  Student Senate.  College Republicans.  Tau Chapter President, 2006, President, 2005, Corresponding Secretary, 2004.  Class Agent. Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship.

Joshua Ryan Coons
2007, Economics.  President, Inter-Fraternity Council.  President, Wabash College Rugby Club.  Secretary, Student Senate.  Sphinx Club.  Senior Council.  Tau Chapter Pledge Educator, Rush Chairman.    

Adam Douglass Kirsch
2007, Political Science.  Cum Laude.  Distinction in Political Science.  N. Ryan Shaw II Political Science Award.  President, College Democrats of Indiana.  President, Thomas Riley Marshall College Democrats.  Tau Chapter House Manager, Risk Manager.

Shane Anthony Keffer
2007, Political Science.  Wabash College Football.  Four-year Letterman.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman.

Daniel Steven Carraway

Brandon Wesley Ehrie
2007, History.  Cum Laude.  William Nelson White Scholarship Award.  Tau Chapter Ritual Chairman, Social Chairman.

Michigan State Law School.

Daniel Glen Petrie
2007, Religion.  Wabash College Tennis.  Three-year Letterman.  Student Senate. IU Law School.

Thomas Joseph Schaffer
2007, Rhetoric.  Wabash College Football.  Four-year Letterman. Ohio Northern Law School.

Ryan Wayne Champion
2007.  From North Vernon, Indiana.  
Champion was a biology major.  He spent his time on campus as a member of both the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and College Republicans and performed in the College’s production of the musical "1776."  As a freshman, Champion began working for the Wabash College Admissions Department, giving tours of the campus to prospective students and their families. Champion accepted an internship in the College Financial Aid Office and continued work for them during the semester.

Champion gave himself fully to both Beta and Wabash.  He immersed himself in the lore of both institutions, finding great enjoyment in reading about the history and tradition that made each what they are today.  Champion embodied the ideals of a Beta and served as an example for all his brothers.  He loved his fellow brothers and could often be found walking around enjoying what was left of the night talking with guys in the house.  Champion jumped into things without looking back and kept everyone laughing along the way.  Both our Chapter and College are grateful for his influence in our lives.

Ryan was killed in an automobile accident on 29 October 2004 when an out-of-control car hit his.  

Darryl William Kennon
2009.  Wabash College Football.

Jeffery Jerome Williams
2007, Psychology.  Wabash College Football.  Letterman.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman.

Spencer Harrison Harbin

Kyle David McClammer
2008, Economics.  Phi Beta Kappa.  Magna Cum Laude.  James E. Bingham Award.  Sphinx Club.  Wabash College Basketball.  Tau Chapter Treasurer, Recording Secretary. IU Law School.

Bart Alexander Banach                    
2008, Economics.  Wabash College Football.  Wabash College Track and Field.  Three-year Letterman.  Tau Chapter President, Treasurer.

Robert Christopher Brandt                
2008, Psychology.  Phi Beta Kappa.  Summa Cum Laude.  Distinction in Psychology.  Psi Chi.

Ryan Michael Grand                       
2008, Psychology.  Magna Cum Laude.  Tau Chapter Ritual Chairman.

Andrew Lyle Rodenbarger                  
2008, Biology.  Phi Beta Kappa.  Magna Cum Laude.  George Lewes Mackintosh Fellow.  Senior Award of Merit.  Ernest G. Carscallen Prize in Biology.  President, Sphinx Club.  Secretary, Student Senate.  Wabash College Rugby Club.  Senior Council.  Tau Chapter IM Chair, Student Senate Representative, Scholarship Chairman. IU Medical School.

Bryan David Braasch      
2008, Psychology.  Cum Laude.  Psi Chi.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman.
Christopher Parker Dixon                 
2008, Economics.  Cum Laude.  Tau Chapter Corresponding Secretary.

James Robert Tyree                       
2008, Religion.  Tau Chapter Student Senate Representative.

Keenan Daniel Wilson                   

Kyle Trusgnich                           
2008, Classics.  Sphinx Club.  Eta Sigma Phi.

Brian McCrea Hilts                     
2008, Psychology.  Cum Laude.  Indianapolis Alumni Student Athlete Award.  Wabash College Football.  Three-year Letterman.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman.

Bryan Tyler Engh                         
2009.  Wabash College Football.

Cary Scott Pruett                      
2008, Spanish.  Cum Laude.  Wabash College Soccer.

Craig Ehman Engledow                     
2008, History.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman.

Justin Lee Sparks                        
2008, Biology.  Cum Laude.  Fred N. Daugherty Award.  Norman E. Treves Science Award.  Wabash College Football.  Tau Chapter Risk Manager.

Brandon Cory Stewart                     
2008, Religion.  President, Inter-Fraternity Council.  Editor-in-Chief, Wabash Conservative Union.  Academic Policy Committee.  Senior Council.  Tau Chapter Alumni Secretary.  Editor, Tau’s Bark.

Christopher David Brown               
2008, Psychology.  Tau Chapter Vice President, IM Chair.

Matthew Joseph Olivarez         
2008, English, Philosophy.  Distinction in Philosophy.  Lilly Scholar.

Chad Alan Finley     
2008, Psychology.  Wabash College Football.  Four-year Letterman.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman.

Barron Bruce Hewetson     
2008, Psychology.  Cum Laude.  Wabash College Swimming & Diving.  President, Will Hays College Republicans.  Treasurer, Inter-Fraternity Council.  Sphinx Club.

James Hayden Tsimekles         

Nicholas Michael Lyons                   
2008, English.  Wabash College Football.  Wabash College Baseball.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman.

Andrew Heisman James Thomas Zimmer       
2009.  Captain, Wabash College Basketball.  Four-year Letterman.  Tau Chapter House Manager.

Justin Scott Raisor
2007, History.

Christopher Renfrow Esser
2008, History.  Glee Club Senior Award.

Brandon Hazelton

Sean Nicholas Clerget
2009.  Waldo Stephens Scholarship.  Dr. Paul T. Hurt Award for All-Around Freshman Achievement.  Wabash College Tennis.  Editor-in-Chief, Wabash Conservative Union.  President, Will Hays College Republicans.  Chair Pro Tem, Student Senate.  Tau Chapter Scholarship Chairman, Corresponding Secretary.

Collin Patrick Smith
2009.  Junior Marshall.  Warren Wright Shearer Prize in Economics.  Wabash College Basketball.  Tau Chapter Scholarship Chairman.

Michael Garrett Wartman
2009.  Ruth Margaret Farber Award in English.  Wabash College Football.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman, 2008, Rush Chairman, 2007.

James Bryan Horrey
2009.  Wabash College Tennis.  President, Thomas Riley Marshall College Democrats.

Adam Karl Pilli
2009.  Wabash College Football.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman.

Wesley Scott Prichard
2009.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Vice President.

Stephen Benjamin Egan
2009.  Sphinx Club.  Senior Council.  Tau Chapter President, Pledge Educator.

Trent Michael Hagerty

Joseph Allen Merkley

Brent Joseph Banach
2009.  Wabash College Football.  Tau Chapter Social Chairman, 2008, Social Chairman, 2007.

Andrew Joseph Rode
2009.  Wabash College Football.  Tau Chapter Risk Manager, Crew Chief.

Eric Christopher Woolf
2009.  Wabash College Football.  Tau Chapter Philanthropy Chair.

Patrick Howard Long
2009.  Wabash College Football.

Andrew Martin Kalemba

Chad Michael Sorenson
2010.  Howell Chemistry Award.  Wabash College Football.  Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Ritual Chairman, Recording Secretary.

Daniel Leeland King
2010.  Wabash College Glee Club.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman.

David Nathaniel Schrader
2010.  Wabash College Baseball.  Layout Editor, The Wabash.  

Robert Chase Haltom
2010.  Wabash College Basketball.

Justin Lee Froedge
2010.  Wabash College Basketball.  Tau Chapter Pledge Educator.

William Ross Hoffman
2010.  President, Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Treasurer, Rush Chairman.

Brian Joseph Schuster
2010.  Eta Sigma Phi.

Kevin Douglas Long
2010.  Rush Chairman. Sphinx Club.  As of 2011, Account Executive with Groupon-Indianapolis.

Robert Lloyd Ritz
2010.  Sphinx Club.  Wabash College Baseball.

Addrian Nikolas Frederick
2010.  Wabash College Football.  Tau Chapter Rush Chairman.

Brandon John Tritle
2011. Valparaiso, Indiana.

Joshua Carl Miracle
2011. Hobart, Indiana. Tau Chapter President.

Adam Michael Kirby
2011. Lafayette, Indiana.

Jared Scott .. (1789)

William Clark Logan
2011. Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Nicholas Schrader
2011. Lafayette, Indiana.

David Anthony Seibel
2011. Greenfield, Indiana. Tau Chapter Rush Chair.

Jacob Albert German
2011. Crawfordsville, Indiana. President, Sphinx Club.  Tau Chapter Rush Chair.

Ian Starnes
2011. Naples, Florida.

Robert Trahin
2011. Leo, Indiana. Ritualist.

Andrew Bradford Sparks
2011. Waveland, Indiana. 

Kyle A. Grand
2011. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Thomas Mambourg
2011. Munster, Indiana.

Cody Ray Leatherman
2011. Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Kyle Edwards
2011. Kearney, Nebraska.

Benjamin Matthew Burkett
2011. Crawfordsville, Indiana. Pledge Educator.

John-Paul Sordelet
2011. Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Lijie Jackson Ding
2011.  Shanghai, China.

Marc McClure Noll
2012. Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Steven Apostolidis
2012.  Indianapolis, Indiana.

John Pennington
2012.  Indianapolis, Indiana

Donovan White
2012. Indianapolis, Indiana. Scholarship Chair.

Michael Andrew Kays
2012.  Rochester, Indiana.

Charles John Niblick
2012.  Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Brian Kendrick Shelbourne
2012.  Indianapolis, Indiana. Intramural Chair.

Brandan Marcus  Alford
2012.  Lafayette, Indiana.  Newsletter Editor.

Mark August DePrez
2012.  Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Risk Manager.

John R. Jurkash
2012.  Munster, Indiana.  

Logan Tyler Frederick
2012.  Lafayette, Indiana.

John Robert Holm
2012.  Naperville, Illinois.  Inter-Fraternity Council Representative.

William James Powers
2012.  Indianapolis, Indiana.  Treasurer.

Jeremy Michael Coons
2012.  Hobart, Indiana.  Rush Chair.

Luke Sherrard Zinsmaster
2012.  Logansport, Indiana.

Eric ... (1819)

Andrew Michael Swart
2012.  Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Andre Adeyemi
2012.  Providence, Rhode Island.  Vice-President.

Brady John Hagerty
2012.  Indianapolis, Indiana.  Social Chair.

Jonathan Wyndham Horn
2012.  Carmel, Indiana.  Social Chair.

David Joseph Ambrosio
2012.  Apache Junction, Arizona.

David James Hauck
2012.  Indianapolis, Indiana.

Blake Michael Harris