1921 - 1933

Phillip Linnaes Boyd

Frank Harvey Cox '22.  Founding Member of the Sphinx Club of Wabash College - Initiated at Indiana University December 1921.

Edward Benjamin Raub, Jr.

Volney Malott Brown

Harold Everett Perkins '22.  Founding Member of the Sphinx Club of Wabash College - Initiated at Indiana University December 1921.

Caleb Denny Elliott

Floyd Mecker Foster

Francis John Selvage

Harold Westlake Taylor

Frederick Rich Henshaw, Jr.

Russell Detchon White

Irwin Lee Detchon

Herman Reed Englehardt

Russell Earl Ragan

Robert Benton McCain

Ray Wilson Flickinger

(Edmund K. McComb '23).  Founding Member of the Sphinx Club of Wabash College - Initiated at Indiana University December 1921.

John Kiley Ruckelshaus '22.  Founding Member of the Sphinx Club of Wabash College - Initiated at Indiana University December 1921.

Almus Reynolds Raub

Addison Bliss Miller

Wilkinson Boyce Jones

Dan Britton Hains

Ivan Lester Wiles

Sam Watters Litzenberger

George Seidensticker, Jr.

Roy Frazier Potts

Elmer Blair Africa

Charles Huston Goddard

John Earl Little

Richard Howe Bostwick '22.  Founding Member of the Sphinx Club of Wabash College - Initiated at Indiana University December 1921.

Valentine Martin, Jr.

Charles Thomas Ballard

Alfred Martin Lucas

Myron David Pike

John Willard Ferree

Harold King Bostwick

Scott Sidney Bostwick

Frederick Talbot McCain, Jr.

George Andrew Raub, Jr.

Richard Parsons Tinkham

William Adams Littell

Robert Gray McKee

Albert Otto Deluse

Henry LaMont Little

Donald Hendricks Kennedy

Charles Harold Englehardt

Jackson Davis Breaks

Joseph Miller Potts

George S. Funk

James Westerman Ray

William Ernest Cox

Terence Minor Connell

William Aaron Frazee

Benjamin Archebald Hobson

Herbert Robert Uhl

John William Pugh

Joseph W. Springer

John William Gamble

George Hollingsworth Denny

Richard Norman Baxter

Arthur Tutwiler Brown

Roger Courtney Martin

George Donald Dando

Henry Campbell Greene

Edward Paul Williamson

James Burton Williams

Richard Edwards Lindsay

Carl Ernest Cords

Claude Edward Siegel

Edward McMaster Bruce

Paul Bogart Schaff

Edwin Heaston Ferree

Maurice Hershell Rush

Frank Harvey Gordon

Maurice Bonner Miller

Harry J. Moeslein

William Paul Croxton

Thomas Marshall Link

Carroll Eben Black

Francis Marion Millikan

Warren Harvey Pierce

Roger Crossette Franklin

Walter Lamoine Perkins

Walter Kenneth Trusty

Harold Edwin Kimes

Harrison Peter Berkey

James Winfield Woods

Eugene Nevin Beesley

Andrew Jackson Daugherty

Marland Russel Alexander

Darrell Allen Endicott

James Arra Price, Jr.

Clifford Amile Gueutal

Oliver Herman Heighway
1930. "Oliver Herman Heighway (Dixie) was born and raised in Ladoga Indiana, a small farm town in north central Indiana, attended Ladoga High, went to Wabash College where he majored in Business.  He also excelled in basketball (at 5' 6") became the best guard in WBC Wabash Valley Conference.  He also started a wrestling club.  He was employed as a stock broker in Chicago for a firm called Hornbleuer & Weeks.

"Part of the lore of the Heighway House in Ladoga, Dixie and his best friend, was that Hogy Carmichael played instruments many nights. His wife of many years, Vivian Wise Heighway, also played along, as she played the piano many times as her family grew up. At one point came up with a song called "Stardust."  [ed. one of the world's most popular and recorded songs.] Dixie was enjoying the creativity, but preferred the local talent, so the only name on that song was Hogy.  Stardust Memories became a best seller by Nat King Cole in the early 50's. and still today was used in the movie Sleepless in Seattle."  -- Provided by grandson John Robert Heighway, Jr.

William Harold Stick

John Burt Wyatt
1930. From Crawfordsville, Indiana. Tau Chapter relative: son, John L. Wyatt 1958.

Walter Nathaniel Haney

Byron Kightly Trippet
1930. President of Wabash College, 1956-1965.  Dean of College, Wabash College, 1940-1955. Tau Chapter relatives: brother Charles Kightley Trippet 1936, distant step-cousin G.B. Landrigan 1985.

James Dawson Blackmore

Judson Dunlap Dutton

Roger DeGraff Billings
1930. An English major while at Wabash, he was active in the Glee Club, The Bachelor, Concert Band, Student Senate, and the baseball team. He was an unusually active supporter of Wabash, having served several terms on the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men. The College honored him with the 1978 Class Agent of the Year Award and the  1983 Alumni Award of Merit. He was the former vice president of Great American Insurance Company of New York. He began his career as a map clerk in the home office of the Detroit Fire and Marine Insurance Company, which was subsequently purchased by Great American. He was a U.S. Navy lieutenant in World War II, working in the shipboard fire prevention program. He was the widower of Maribel Henderson Billings. He died 27 June 1999 in Fort Myers, Florida.

Joseph Emery Tinkham

King Justin Wilmot

Thomas Riley Colvin

Perce Gordon Goodrich

Major A. Moberly

Samuel Krause McCain
1931. Phi Beta Kappa.

William S. Schnaiter

Kenneth Lodell Warren

James Davidson Ryan

Walter Der Shidler

Donald Wilbur Tiegler

Richard Ernest Elliott

Robert Max Farrell

Mario Arteaga

Woods A. Caperton, Jr.

William F. Fry, Jr.

Forrest Arthur Steen

William Aaron Nyland

Reily Gibson Adams

Ernest Lee Boyd

Harold Meredith Coons
1932. Harold “Coonie” M. Coons was born in New Market, Montgomery County, Indiana on July 31, 1911. He was the son of Merle F. Coons (Wabash, ‘10) and Clara L. Van Cleave Coons who were both legislators in the Indiana House of Representatives. He was married to Margaret L. Richman Coons (1913-1998). His sons, Stephen M. Coons, Esq. (Wabash, ‘63) and Philip M. Coons, M.D. (Wabash, ‘67) were both Wabash Betas. During his years at Wabash College, Mr. Coons was a member of the Glee Club, French Club, Scarlet Masque, and was on the Bachelor staff. He served as a Class Agent for the Class of 1932 and received the Alumni Award of Merit in 1965.

Following his graduation from Indiana University School of Law in 1936, he practiced law in Crawfordsville, Indiana from 1936-1937. Subsequently he worked forAetna Casualty and Surety Company (1937-1943). He served in the United States Army 870th Field Artillery Battalion, 66th Division in France and Germany during World War II and, following the war, achieved the rank of Major in the Counter-Intelligence Division in the United States Army Reserves (1946-1961). He was an independent insurance adjuster for Pruyn and Coons in Indianapolis from 1946 to 1958 and for Coons and Horton in New Albany, Indiana from 1960 until 1968. He practiced law in New Albany and was Republican County Chairman from 1968-1977. He served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1972, 1976, and 1988. In 1978 he was appointed the first judge of Floyd County Superior Court. He was a member and elder in the St. Johns United Presbyterian Church in New Albany. He was a member of Phi Delta Phi, American Legion, Rotary Club, Sagamore of the Wabash, Floyd County Bar Association, and the Indiana State Bar Association.

Anson Richard Shireman

Rollins Lee Taylor

Wallace James Robert

John Milton Kitchen
1933. Died 20 December 1999 in Indianapolis. Following graduation from Harvard University Law School in 1937, Kitchen practiced law in Indianapolis for more than sixty years. An important figure in Indianapolis legal circles, he was past president of the Indianapolis Bar Association, served as a Marion County probate judge, and served as chairman of the Governor's Committee for Judicial Reform. He was also a member of the American Bar Association House of Delegates. Among his clients were members of the Eli Lilly family and the United States Auto Club. A particularly strong believer in Wabash, Kitchen was the past president of the National Association of Wabash Men. His days at Wabash were spent as a political science major and in activities such as the Speaker's Bureau, The Bachelor, French Club, Scarlet Masque, and the football and tennis teams. Selected for Phi Beta Kappa, Kitchen was the 1933 Commencement speaker. He is survived by his wife, Jean Rauch Kitchen and by three daughters and a son.