1917 - 1921

John Kenyon Nicholson
1917. Awarded the Wabash Alumni Award of Merit, Nicholson was born in Crawfordsville. After graduation from Wabash, he moved to New York City where he became a prolific and popular playwright. The Barker (1926) was the longest-running play on Broadway until the much-later My Fair Lady eclipsed the record. Sailor Beware, though much-changed from his writing, later became a popular Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis film. A veteran of the first World War, he was married to Lucille Niklas. He was also a founding member of the famed Bucks County (Pa.) Playhouse.  Beta relatives: brother Thomas Laurence Nicholson Wabash 1918; cousin James Pace Clark Denver 1936; cousin G. B. Landrigan Wabash 1985.

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Thomas Lawrence Nicholson
1918. Stockbroker.  Married to Nelle Braxton Jones. Died 1920, Chicago, Illinois.  Beta Relatives: Brother John Kenyon Nicholson Wabash 1917, cousins James Pace Clark Denver 1936; cousin G. B. Landrigan Wabash 1985.

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