1962 - 1972

Richard J. Stephenson

Ronnie Dean Ritter

Carlos Benito Sedillo III

John C. Arbo

Robert Dale Lentz

John Robertson Birdzell

Michael Coulter Smith

Donald Eugene Hill

Jerome Potter Seaton, Jr.

Timothy D. Steele

Rolf Richard Amsler

Stephen Merle Coons

Michael Masaharu Ushijima

Edwin Conrad Sternan

Jerry Duane Pollitt

John Richard Price

Lyndale George Richardson, Jr.

Raymond Charles Rose

Thomas Ray Billings

William Johnson Millikan, Jr.

Dexter Dean Snyder

William Bernard Kristan, Jr.

Philip Thompson Holliday

Mark Richard Braford, Jr.

Gary Lee Ramsey

Stanley Joseph Sibell

Dudley Alcorn Burgess

Alan Hiratsuka

Douglas Edward Graham

Richard Brauer Caldwell

Eric John Norman

Ronald Reese Nichols

James Lee Hutcheson

George Bernerd Walther

Jay F. Littell

John William Gibbs

Arthur Wallace Atkinson

Joseph Francis Hoffman, Jr.

Harold Lynn Nicol

Stephen Richard Andresen

Gary Paul Dillon

Robert Alexander MacCallum

Robert Philip Witherspoon

Stephen John Orbon

Jess Henry Parmer III

Patrick James Becherer

Michael A. Richardson

William Walters Gilman

David Leslie Arnett

John Ernest Batchelder

Malcom Marx Metzler

James Allen Carroll

James Harold Barnhart

Steven William Theis

Donald Clemens Buehner

P. Thomas Buntin

Eric Bruce Munson

Richard Edward Weiss

Joseph D. Bartlett

Robert Allen Smith

Harry James VanDolah III

Ronald Jay Leisure

Mark Brian VanLiere

John Marcus Labavitch

Robert Brentson Smith

Lansing Barrett Gresham

Stuart Henry Mahler

Robert Alden Trimmer

Stephen George Hildebrand

Richard Lee Nicol

James LeRoy Roeder

Kurt Bartlett Stevens

Douglas D. Joyce

Stephen James Schmutte

John Quinn Herrin

Jon William Wittler

John Fortner Flanagan

John Ross Neal

Forrest Jan Hesser

John H. Gisler

Carroll Ragan Black

Lee Williamson Cline

Edward Squier Neal

Robert Clark Allen

Ernest McCabe Johnson

Tracy Hill

William Francis Ferguson

Philip Meredith Coons
1967. Dr. Coons is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Indiana School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is boarded in General Psychiatry with added qualifications in Forensic Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. A past president and fellow of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation, Dr. Coons has received both of their prestigious Morton Prince and Cornelia Wilbur awards. Dr. Coons is past president of the Indiana Psychiatric Society and fellow in the American Psychiatric Association. He is a member of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, International Society for the Traumatic Stress Studies, and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation.

Dr. Coons' research interests include dissociative disorders and dissociative identity disorder. He has published over 100 scientific articles and book chapters on dissociation. Dr. Coons has presented numerous papers and workshops. He is internationally recognized for his expertise on dissociation and has contributed to the development of the dissociative disorders sections of both the International Classification of Diseases (10th edition) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition). Currently Dr. Coons' main clinical activities include consultation with therapists and patients with dissociative disorders and the practice of   forensic psychiatry. He continues to teach about dissociative disorders and supervises psychiatric residents in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Tau Chapter relatives: brother, Steve Coons (class of 1963), and father, Harold Coons (class of 1932).

James Edward Rushton

William Glen Jeakle II

Donald Jeffery Michell II

David Gordon Tillett

Peter Allan Talbot

James David Stahler

Clark LeRoy Dickerson

Jay A. Kellett

Michael Joseph Fortier

Paul Dennis Gray

James Reed Carter

John Baldwin Goodrich

Nelson Edward Bahler

Thomas Duane Dayton

Haines Boots Lockhart

Dennis Gowran Fitz-Patrick

Charles Howard Bell

Wendell George Kish

John L. Wyatt
1958. From Crawfordsville, Indiana. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. Longtime popular Tau Chapter alumni advisor. Currently living in Crawfordsville. Married, two children. Tau Chapter relative: John B. Wyatt 1930 (father).

Manuel Anthony Machuca

John Jeffrey Kennedy

James Michael Gallagher

Charels Conrad Kraft

Harold Jason Reed

John Lawrence Hudson

David Bruce Cook

James Edward Roper

James Otto Long

Alvin Roy McElfresh

R. William VanderHaar, Jr.

Stephen Goldsmith
1968. From Indianapolis Broad Ripple H.S. Former Mayor of Indianapolis (1990-1999). Former Marion County Prosecutor (1979-1990). Republican nominee for Indiana Governor (1996). Currently with the George W. Bush Administration as a domestic advisor. Married to Margaret Goldsmith. While at Wabash, he was pledge class president and chapter treasurer. Served in the U.S. Army Reserves. Earned the J.D. Degree with honors at the University of Michigan where he was associate editor of the Law Review. "As an entering Wabash freshman who knew few other persons on campus, I wanted a fraternity that provided a good friendly environment, where brothers respected each other, and where academic achievement was considered an integral part of the fraternity... Once a person becomes aware the Tau Chapter of Beta Theta Pi furnishes these possibilities, then the answer to the question, 'What has Beta done for you?' is obvious. It provides a learning environment conducive to good grades, an opportunity for fun and athletics, and it provides friendships and a sense of belonging."

Kenneth Alan Koepke

Adeo Nicolai

John Daniel Cochran, Jr.
1968. From Indianapolis. Attorney, Hackman Hulett & Cracraft LLP, Indianapolis.

Todd Lyle Eads

Ernest Ronald Hill

Mark Eugene Mader

Jeffery Scott Davidson

Joseph Christopher Shank

Martin Eugene Newcomb

Stephen Gary Rogers

Ronald Dale Berg

Christopher Smith

Daniel Harold Stauber

Durwood Earl Littlefield

Jan David Tobias

Stephen Miles Payne

William Lynn Papendick

Nicholas M. Brunswick

William Douglas Andrews

William H. McMurtrie, Jr.

Peter James Betjemann

Lee Edwin Overpeck

Robert Addison Bruce

Paul Macke Consigny

Stephen Paul Sirmin

Michael Orr

Harry E. Calvert

Robert Ferris Bowman

William Morrison Thomson

James Marshall Theroux

Leslie James Barr

John Ray Burrell

Gregory Alan Burk

Barry Douglas Smith

Robert Arnold Long

Charles David Hankey

Patrick Alan Rhoades

Lewis Daniel Beckwith
1970. Indianapolis. Attorney/Partner, Baker & Daniels, Indianapolis.

Thomas Ray Cochran
1970. President, Emerson Engineering Company, Indianapolis.

Randolph Ralph Rough

Gary Richard Grover

Howard Wolf Payne

Robert Mark Siegmann

Richard Daniel Ticen

James Durand Edwards

Jeffrey Greer Price

John Barnard Davis, Jr.

Timothy Robert Roark

Jerry Dean Loudenback

Gary Richard Hansen

Kenneth Robert Huff

Lloyd White Hartman III

Joseph Howard Cassell

James Dale Rush

Wayne O. Adams III
1971. Attorney/Managing Partner, Johnson Smith, Indianapolis. While at Wabash, he was Tau Chapter president.

William Gregory Watson

Stephen Talbott Hill

Philip Robert Boxel

Charles Henry Steen

James Richard McGinnis

Chester Hill Waters III

David Alan Pfanschmidt

Charles Robert Metzler

Jim VanPatton Nobel, Jr.

James Thomas Bromley

Kent Howard Peterson

Geoffrey Franklin Sanders

Kenneth S. Sommerville

Laune Jon Mason

John Eaglesfield Gould
1971. From Indianapolis. President, J.D. Gould Company, Inc. Married and lives in Indianapolis. Tau Chapter relatives: James D. Gould 1973 (brother), several others.

Stephen Ross Ong

Ronald Coons Patton

LaVoyd Lucas

Terry Alan McCooe

William Fletcher Boyd, Jr.
1972. Owner, Fletcher's of Atlanta. Boyd is a critically-acclaimed restauranteur in Central Indiana and has founded operated several of the area's finest restaurants. Now lives in Cicero, Indiana.