1952 - 1962

Robert Edward Hay

Jack Lee Engledow '53.  President, Sphinx Club.  President, Senior Council.

James Westerman Ray, Jr.

Ellis Terrill Early, Jr.

Michael Buchanan Fairbanks

Arthur Jordan Iles, Jr.

Robert Warren Miller

Raymond Frederick Meurer

James Frederick Wolter

Gordon Wyatt Wiles

Richard Ronald Crampton

James Gordon McDonald, Jr.

David Bruce Mahorney

James Harrison Peter Berkey

Kevin Madigan Johnston

Richard M. Jones

Owen Leslie Nell

John Courtland Pearson

Arthur Richard Baxter, Sr.

William Donald Kimbriel

Thomas Hunter Owens III

Joseph Alexander Klefeker

Richard Hovey Gillespie

David Arthur Galliher

David Warren Givens

Stephen Thoman Shepard

Carl John Metzger

George Seidensticker III

John Wesley Reuter

Paul Roger Kumler

Thomas Hugh Shepard

Thomas Alvin Hays

John Killian Riley

Timothy Richard Johnston

Stephen F. Bedwell

Thomas Ames Ehninger

Dwight Gilbert Brainard

John Herbert Stoner

Edward Merrill Gass

Richard Bruce Hickman

Richard Stephens Ellis

Frank Morris Rasmussen

Richard John Molyneaux

Morris H. Rice

James Thornton Kuhn

Richard Churchill Travis

Gary Milton Squier

Richard Lee Ford

Ralph Floyd Olson

Richard J. Borror

Donald Gene Everingham

Boyd B. Lowry

James William Smith

Wayne Chester Finkel

Marvin Dennis Gunnarson

Hubert Darrell Lance

Jack Richard Stodghill

Arthur Monroe Colvin

Edward Peter Grogg '55

Thomas David Milligan

Mitchell Edward Morris

Steele Clarke Smith

Michael Paul Shinkle

Jay Lee Huffman

John Otis Bostwick

Robert Lou Hobson

William Cory Jacquin

Ross Norbert Faires

James Tucker Cottingham
1957. "I am retired, with wife and Beta sweetheart, Sally, A DPU grad. We have three children, Tom, '82 and Tau Chapter Beta, Ben a Pi Chapter Beta, and Molly DeVoe (Mrs. Tom DeVoe). We have eight grandchildren. Sally and I are enjoying traveling, our home, yard and grandchildren and I occasionally get to go out to Montana trout fishing and visiting the west. I stay in touch with several of my pledge class and we are tentatively planning a trip to Normandy in 2001."

Charles Huston Goddard, Jr.

Gladwin Jerry Grabil, Jr.

John Cunningham Africa

Vincent Franklin Grogg '55.  President, Sphinx Club.

Charles Alex Carpowich
1955. His son writes: "My father passed away July 8, 1992, after a year-long battle with cancer. After finishing his studies at Wabash, where he was a football letterman, my dad embarked on a 20-year career as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He reached the rank of commander and continued to work for the Navy as a civilian after retiring, and was a volunteer counselor for homeless men in downtown San Diego. He was also very involved in church activites.   His Navy career brought him to San Diego, California in 1975, where he and his wife Mary raised six children. I am the youngest. My dad always held great pride in his years at Wabash, his football years, and serving his country as a leader. He is survived by his wife, Mary; his sister, Eleanor Gibala (of McKeesport, Pennsylvania); and his six children: Paggy Jesme, Charles "Skip" Carpowich Jr., Steve Carpowich, Rebecca Irving, Kristen Tantuwaya and Mark Carpowich. The entire family (except his sister) lives in San Diego."

Chris Passodelis

Edmund Munger Litell

David Pasho Wellington

James Jerome Goubeaux

William Bernard Brown

David Frank O'Brien

Richard Carter Miller

Bernard Henry Warning

Thomas Hugh Hawkins

Gary Lee Aagesen

Joseph Harper Mitchell

William Ryder Wagner

Charles Bruce Canfield

James Richard Weimer

David Spencer Phillips

Thomas Joyner

Paul D. Hawksworth, Jr. '56.  President, Sphinx Club.

Lowell Francis Howard

Harry Lane Ferree

Roger DeGraff Billings, Jr.

Douglas Edward McKinley

Curtis Thomas Todd

Walter Steven Close

Kent Gregory Miller

Billy Joe Smith

Gary English Hanna

Richard Whitney Steeg

Michael Joseph Phillips

Richard Frederick Ashman

Anton Dimitroff

Frederick Corya Scott

Lee Bennett Jones

Timothy Miller Talbott

Russell Anthes Sage, Jr.

Norman Pierce Rowe

Albert Scott Huff

Harold Victor Hasler

George Jackson Graham, Jr.

Rodney Hilton Grove

William Ayres Wildhack

Robert Ross Neal, Jr.

George Desmond Swartout II

Brian Neal Blackmore

David James Lahey

Douglas Foster Burns
1961.  Submitted 2002. AB Wabash '61, Diplôme, Université de Strasbourg (France), '62, JD, Harvard Law School, '65) retired international lawyer; practiced with Barnes, Hickam, Pantzer & Boyd (now Barnes & Thornburgh), 1965-70; Office of the Legal Adviser, US Department of State, 1970-74; Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1974-76; General Counsel, Halco (Mining) Inc., 1976-90 (Vice President, 1981-90); International Legal Consultant, 1991-98; director, Cohen & Grigsby, PC, Pittsburgh, PA, 1998-2001; Aluminpro, Inc, 2001-present.  Three children, five grandchildren.  Elder, North Hills Christian Church, Pittsburgh, PA; director, His Place Contact Center, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA; director, Kingdomquest Ministries, Monroe, NC. 

Frank Abel Nussbaum

David John Behling, Jr.

Charles Frederick Cleland

Walter Kenneth Lippard III

Robert Curtis Oehler

William Cecil Bolinger

John Bryant Bachman

John William Pullen

Ronald William Reinhart

Samuel Hance Smith Hildebrand II

Gerald Joseph Kenealy

Edward Jay Fulton

Clyde Earl Arnett, Jr.

Larry Bruce Coffey

John Bennett Bacon

George Michael Ball

John William Thomas

Phillip Austin Johnson

Robert William Bock

Walter Patrick Haney

Kiefer Mendenhall

William Frank Thompson
1962. Practices law as a sole practioner with two associates. He is finishing his 34th year in the practice of law. My favorite pastimes are alpine skiing, sailing and squash. He is divorced and resides in Indianapolis.